About Us

The Rev. Aletha Bonebrake, Vicar                         The Rev.Deacon Taylor Clark,

Current Vestry 2021
Vestry normally meets in the Fire Place Room the first Sunday of the
month at 7:30 a.m.before the Sunday Service . Everyone welcome.

Due to COVID-19, we have been meeting via ZOOM.

Voting Members :

Betty Palmer  (Senior Warden)

Molly Larsen (Junior Warden)

Lynn Perkins (sharing Junior Warden duties)

Beth Bigelow

Joel Bigelow

Gina Perkins

Cammy Warner

Karen Zimmer

Non-Voting Members :

Rev. Aletha Bonebrake, Vicar

The Rev. Dcn. Taylor Clark

Church Secretary

Mindi Sheriebb

Church Treasurer  Mike Durgan (bank deposits)

Episcopossums under the direction of Carol Harley

Bylaws allow for 4 to 10 Vestry members in addition to Wardens.
Photo Courtesy of Charlene Chase