About Us

Rev. Aletha Bonebrake, Vicar

Current Vestry 1/22/2017
Vestry normally meets the second Sunday of the month at 7:30 a.m.,
before the Service. Everyone welcome.

Voting Members :

Cammy Warner (Sr. Warden) 2017-2018*

Molly Larsen (Junior Warden) 2017-2018**

Maryanne Lovell (Clerk of the Vestry) 2017-2020

Joel Bigelow  2016--2019

Beth Bigelow 2016-2019

Hannah Violette 2016-2019

The Rev. Dcn. Taylor Clark 2017-2020

Non-Voting Members :

Rev. Aletha Bonebrake

Church Secretary

Maryanne Lovell

Church Treasurer - aegis of Mike Durgan


Hannah Violette: Choir Director/Pianist

*Elected by Vestry annually

**Needs to be elected each year at Annual Meeting

Bylaws allow for 4 to10 Vestry members in addition to Wardens;
we currently have 7.
Photo Courtesy of Charlene Chase